Administrative Team


Jamie Black

Director of Human Resources and Office Management


​Jamie took her first accounting class in Garrison, Texas, population 899. In high school, Jamie placed in the top 10 in the University Interscholastic League in Accounting for the state of Texas. Jamie’s patience and hard work paid off when she graduated with her BS in Accounting in 2015.



Jamie joined Family Support Services in 2007 as the Agency’s Accounting Clerk. Her hard work and dedication to our mission has led to her being promoted to Accounting Coordinator in 2012, to our Office Manager in 2014, and to the Director of Human Resources and Office Management in 2016.


Jamie's work ethic is unmatched, and she has proven herself as a team player and leader. She is very passionate about the services and results that FSS brings to the individuals we serve. She takes great pride in working for one of the oldest social services agency in Amarillo.


You might one day find Jamie on an emerald rolling hill in Ireland taking photographs with her red Nikon camera. She is a natural photographer and loves portrait photography. She has been known to take some stellar photographs of clouds just from her cell phone! She also enjoys cooking, especially chili lime tacos with grilled pineapple salsa.




​Rashele Martinez

Customer Service


Rashele has her Associates Degree in Business Administration and is the proud mom of 3 children. After years filled with ups and downs because of her 26 year addiction, on June 18, 2018, she celebrated her first year sober.  She credits her sobriety to her Higher Power and believes it is her purpose to be a light to others.  Rashele says she feels blessed to work for FSS, who gives hope to so many.




Dolorse Rollins

​Billing Clerk


Dolorse Rollins is the professional billing coordinator for FSS, with over 20 years of experience in billing. Even with the constantly changing technology in billing, she has stayed on top of the changes and improved the agency’s billing processes. Dolorse has worked for Family Support Services for 12 years and counting! She has a proven reputation around the agency for being a knowledgeable billing resource to our counseling staff.


Dolorse enjoys working for the agency because she has witnessed how the staff really cares about their clients and their families.


Dolorse is from Canyon, Texas.  She applied for her first job at A&W Root Beer in Canyon and was hired on the spot. During her first night of work there was a drag race night and she said she made more malts and shakes than she could ever count!


In her spare time, Dolorse enjoys her family including her 12 grandchildren, 5 children and following her musician husband to his gigs. She has been married for 30 years and is still her husband’s biggest fan. If there is a holiday, Dolorse will definitely be found in the kitchen making her family their favorite pink lemonade pie.




Freddie Delgado

Facilities Manager


​We don't have Freddie's bio yet, but he keeps things running around here!




Angelique Cardoza