Domestic Violence Coalition

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Mission Statement

The Amarillo-Potter-Randall Domestic Violence Coalition implements initiatives designed to eliminate domestic violence, enhance victim safety and increase offender accountability.



Amarillo at a Glance

Amarillo is located in the Texas Panhandle.  The city is divided into Randall and Potter Counties. In Randall County misdemeanors and felonies are handled by the Randall County District Attorney.  In Potter County, the Potter County Attorney handles misdemeanors while the 47th District Attorney prosecutes felonies.



Stats at a Glance


In the time period from January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018, the Amarillo- Potter-Randall law enforcement agencies have received approximately 1,700 Domestic Violence cases reported to law enforcement. Domestic Violence rates in our region average 3X higher than the State average.


City of Amarillo's Population 199,582

Randall County Population 134,442

Potter County Population 122,053


Rape: 91 per 100,000 (Per APD- 2017)

Aggravated Assault: 610 per 100,000 (Per APD- 2017)

Homicide: 7.5 per 100,000 (Per APD- 2017)


Examples of Implemented Initiatives


Field assessments to determine lethality risk in domestic violence situations are being conducted on site by law enforcement officers.


Staff at multiple partner agencies were trained, certified and currently utilize the ODARA assessment in every domestic violence case higher than a Class C Misdemeanor in order to determine High Risk cases.


Child Witness Interview Protocol to allow for consistent and fair interviewing of children who witness domestic violence.


An Alternative to Court Early Intervention Program which would allow misdemeanor offenders who meet strict criteria to avoid prosecution with the completion of a period of strict monitoring, a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program and other conditions.


Working with the West Texas A& M University Sociology Department to conduct a study to determine factors in increased domestic violence rates in our community.



DVC Executive Board

Amarillo Police Department (Chair)

Family Support Services

Potter County Sheriff Office

Randall County Sheriff Office

Potter County Attorney Office

47th District Attorney

Randall County District Attorney



The Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center

Armstrong-Potter-Randall Community Supervision Corrections Department

Legal Aid of Northwest Texas

Child Protective Services

Canyon Police Department

West Texas A&M University Police Department

Amarillo College Police Department