Movement Against Status Quo


In the Fall of 2016, the small town of Canyon, TEXAS was hit with a cluster of teen suicides that rocked our whole community. What was left in its wake was a community of teens and adults, struggling and grieving as they desperately tried to get in front of the issue and prevent further loss of life. We knew at FSS that we wanted to make a difference in Canyon and Amarillo.  But we had no idea how to do that. So, we did what any grown adult should do… we ASKED THE TEENS THEMSELVES!


Little did I know, the idea that formed would not only inspire us to take action against teen suicide but empower our whole community of teens against it as well.


The resulting program is called MASQ, Movement Against Status Quo, and it was a 100% teen-led suicide prevention initiative. It’s #1 goal? Stop teen suicide here in Amarillo and Canyon, and give teens the support they deserve. It has 2 main parts: social advocacy & empowerment and education.