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Save the Children and The Boogey Man

  Do you remember Stranger Danger? The term “Stranger Danger” arose in various campaigns in the 1960’s. The campaigns had limited success and were later criticized for confusing children into believing that only strangers were a threat and that all people they...

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True Grit and Resolve

Author: Jim Womack To say it has been a tough year for the FSS team would most definitely be an understatement. Just as we were getting settled in our new facility after losing our main office in a fire, most of our teammates have been uprooted yet again to work...

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7 Ways to Help With Anxiety During COVID-19

Author: Sabina Farmer The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has taken a huge negative toll on many people around the world. Although it may seem almost impossible to manage our stress and worry during this difficult time, here are some tips that can help you...

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A Tapping for Teachers- a stress and anxiety management technique for our teacher friends!

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Emotional Freedom Technique- Tapping For Change