Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse is a pattern of hurtful behavior delivered by put-downs, insults or other types of emotionally hurtful statements intended to degrade and humiliate someone on a very deep and personal level.

This type of abuse attacks a person’s looks, worth as a human, parenting skills, lovability, sexual interactions, or any other personal value an individual may place on themselves. The abusive partner targets those things which will hurt the victim the most, using it as a way to degrade the victim, usually with the goal of beating them down emotionally so they will never seek out other relationships, and will see the abusive partner as the ultimate power and authority in the relationship. The abusive partner’s goal is to damage or destroy the will, courage, and personal power of the victim because this keeps the victim a slave in the relationship. Emotional abuse is a powerful tool. It is exceptionally difficult for victims to leave when they lack the energy, the will, the courage, and even the belief that it’s okay to leave.

Many abuse victims report that emotional abuse is the most devastating type of abuse they’ve experienced and the most difficult to recover from. Bruises, scratches and broken bones heal. But having insults in your head, in the voice of someone you love, is a pain and injury that never goes away. The abusive partner can apologize 100 times, but those words in that voice are never forgotten. That is the pain and the power of emotional abuse.
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