Fire Recovery

Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.” – Samuel Smiles, Scottish Reformer

After the fire:

Although we are still recovering from the fire that destroyed our building, thanks to the outstanding people and businesses who have supported us, most of our FSS family will be back under one roof at Park West Complex, 7136 West Interstate 40 Suite B, Amarillo TX as of March 16th, 2020. This space has been graciously provided by Amarillo ISD for six months until we know our long-term plans, with the opportunity to negotiate to stay here if needed. Our Veterans Resource Center will be located on the second floor of the Guyon SaundersResource Center at 200 S Tyler in Downtown Amarillo.

The staff of FSS, including myself, are full of gratefulness and hope: gratefulness to the people of our community for the donations and emotional support they have provided, and hope for the future.

From what I have seen, hope is not always a common reaction to disasters like ours. I began wondering why our staff, volunteers and supporters have been so hopeful, and what I have come up with is this: to build and maintain hope, we need three things; a sense of control, a belief in the value of something, and a community.

Our sense of control means that we feel as though we are in control of our own life, that we can affect our fate. Through communication and our agency values, our work family knows and believes that we are in control of our future, and we all look forward to being back on our feet and better than ever.

Our belief in values means we find something important enough to work towards, something better, that’s worth striving for. This would be the work we do every day: serving survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault, helping veterans in need, providing counseling to people who are suffering, and working with area youth and adults to break the cycles of physical abuse, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and so much more.

And community means we are part of a group that values the same things we do and are working towards achieving those things. Our community is not just us, it is YOU. You all have shown such overwhelming support for our staff and the work we do. Without the emotional support and financial support that you have shown and continue to show, we would be lost. We will never be able to properly thank you, but know that through your actions, generations of Amarillo and Texas Panhandle residents will live happier & healthier lives.

We will keep you updated on our progress as recovery efforts continue. Please follow us on Facebook to get the most up-to-date information.

Admiral William McRaven once said that “If you want to change the world, find someone to help you paddle.”

Thank you for helping us paddle.

Jim Womack,
CEO, Family Support Services of Amarillo

If you would like to donate towards helping us recover, you can do so at our donation page; you can also donate in person at your local Happy State Bank, Amarillo National Bank, or Bank of America locations.

We want to thank everyone who has offered their support in these difficult circumstances and are humbled to be on the receiving end of so much love and generosity. We would not be where we are without you at our side.

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