Sounds of Success

Sounds of Success is an innovative program that serves as an alternative activity to the Prevention efforts of the Education department at FSS. The program allows students to learn music production, including beat-making, songwriting, recording and mixing. In addition to learning the creative skill of music production, they also learn leadership characteristics and gain more self-esteem.

Program Mission: To teach character and leadership through the art of music production and song composition. 

What We Use: Sounds of Success uses software such as GarageBand and Ableton Live and provides iPads, as well as MIDI keyboard controllers for participants to use to create music. 

Being just a year old, Sounds of Success is still a fairly new program. However, we have already conducted the program at two schools (Travis MS, and Caprock HS), and two community centers (The Maverick, and The Wesley). We are in the process of getting the program started at Tascosa, Palo Duro for the next school year. Students who have been a part of the program thus far have nothing but good things to say about it. Many of the participants have expressed that they felt like they were able to express themselves in a positive way during their time in the program, and felt a sense of pride and accomplishment when completing a song. So far, we have been privileged to serve about 100 kids through the program. As we expand the program, we will be able to serve and impact even more kids.