Restoring Hope.

Reviving Hearts.

Rebuilding Lives.

FSS is...

Family Support Services employs over 60 social workers, educators, therapists, peer specialists, and more, as well as recieves support from many volunteers.Who we are.

Our caring, compassionate staff are focused on helping people live healthy lives and healing people who are hurting. Our counseling and behavioral health and wellness services.

We are from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and many of our staff are bilingual. We proudly represent and serve diverse communities in Amarillo and the surrounding area. Our staff.

We provide more than 15 programs across the spectrum of community health—from crisis services to counseling and veteran services to emergency shelter. Our emergency housing services.

Not for Profit



We help children and adults avoid or break out of cycles they may be caught in, such as bullying, drug use, violent relationships, and more.

Our education and prevention services.

Our services and programs are provided to thousands of area residents in community settings such as schools, homes, and hospitals. Learn how you can support our work.

We have a history of developing innovative services to provide the most current, best possible care for the people we serve.Our Veteran Resource Center.

Every day our staff are empowering individuals and families to pursue health, wellness, and a life free from violence. Our Crisis Services.

Repairing Lives, Restoring Hope